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Records are often made by musicians who don’t work together as a band, with tunes frequently penned at the last minute. But the band that rehearses and performs together gives the music a chance to grow richer in detail, more subtle, more expresive, and more grooving. Such a band is the Laurent Coq Quartet, heard here in their debut recording.Coq’s compositions and arrangements are unusually rich in shifting grooves, odd-time signatures and metric modulations, evocative melodies, striking harmonies, and many creative uses of form. His playing on this recording shares the imagination and resourcefulness of his composing.     

Bruce Barth

All the tracks of this album are entirely downloadable for free

Laurent Coq piano
Jean-Christophe Béney tenor
Jules Bikoko bi Njami bass
Daniel Garcia-Bruno drums

All tunes written by Laurent Coq and published by Enja/Tutu/Sacem except (4) by Wood/Mellin, (7) by G.Fargos / J.Baker / R.Bard, (9) by Dietz/Schwartz
E.Producer : Horst Wber/Artistic Producer : Bruce Barth/Engineer : David Baker/Assistant : Ed Reed/Location : System Two, Brooklyn NY/Date : 25th & 26th Feb. 1997/Editing and Mastering Katherine Miller at Current Sounds/Photo R.Andrew Lepley.
Produced by Laurent Coq

To download, use ctrl+clic (Mac) or right clic (PC) on the tune.
The cover is available >HERE<
4 étoiles Jazzman
1. Deille 6:29
2. Chinese Spot 6:25
3. 145 W96th Street 5:50
4. My One And Only Love 6:08
5. Jaywalker 4:58
6. Cherry Close 7:42
7. I Hear A Rhapsody 6:09
8. Interlude 1:28
9. If There Is Someone Lovelier Than You 6:55
10. Linden Street 6:56
11. Sunny Side Up 2:59
An ambitious music (...) the haute-couture way: grand art.
Domi Truffandier Jazz Hot
Remarkable first album! (...) a subtle music filled with urban energy and harmonic and rhythmic fineness.
Thierry Quenum Jazz Magazine
Piano player Laurent Coq has it all..
Nova Magazine
These guys got me !
Franck Bergerot Jazzman