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  Mauvais genre
Qui perd gagne !   Milles bornes   J'irais au paradis   Mauvais genre


A writer, clumsy and awfully selfish, is working on a novel about a young free spirited women, Lucie, strong and in love with him. Another women finds out about the writer's novel, and while he falls for her, she falls for Lucie.


Mauvais genre  
French movie[1997] directed by Laurent Bénégui. Comedy. Lenght : 1h30. Release date : Juil 09, 97
With  Jacques Gamblin, Elina Löwensohn, Monica Bellucci, Michel Aumont, Christiane Cohendy...
Production Telema Productions / Co-production
Magouric Productions Studio Canal / Partenaire TV France 2 / Distribution Bac Distribution
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